40 million of Polish people’s souls to be entrusted to Queen of Heaven in Poland

3 May 2016

Poland has unfortunately a long history of heretical and idolatrous Roman Catholicism. Mieszko I of Poland „sold out” to Vatican in 966 AD. Slavic tribes of Poland worshipped many pagan deities, but in 966 AD Mieszko I decided to accept babylonian baptism to make Poland- Catholic.

This year Catholicism celebrates „1050 Anniversary of Baptism of Poland”. They celebrated another (tenth) Congress of Gniezno. Congress of Gniezno is a celebration of development of Roman Catholic religion across the country of Poland.

There is more to come this year! Fifieth anniversary of Millennium Act of Dedication of Polish people in captivity to Mary, Queen of Poland (Queen of Heaven) and World Youth Day 2016.

3 May 2016 will mean that over 40 million of Polish people across the globe will be dedicated (without their will) to the ancient principality called Queen of Heaven in solemn ritual. This will happen in one of the biggest shrine devoted to ‚(Ever)Virgin Mary’ in Jasna Góra. They call her Black Madonna.

In her history, Poland was brought under spiritual yokes of Queen of Heaven many times:

April 1, 1656. – Vows of Polish King Jan Kazimierz in Lvov

September 8, 1948. – Consecration ofthe Polish nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

26 VIII 1956 r. – Jasna Gora Vows of the Polish Nation

3 V 1966. – Millenium Act- The act of devotion in maternal slavery of Mary, Mother of the Church for the freedom of the Church of Christ

June 4, 1979. – The act of entrusting to Mother of God made by Pope John Paul II

Each of the dates mean that Poland and its future and citizens’ souls were entrusted to demonic principality over Poland! They invoked her, asked her for protection and help, made solemn vows, entrusting her lands, people, wealth etc!

This bondage resulted in Three Partitions of Poland, destruction of country during II World War and Communism! Every time the priests and bishops ask people to look the other way- NOT in the right direction! The Bible points out that idolatry will lead to wars, turmoil and captivity. Polish people are being taught not the Bible but Roman Catholic heresy (Cult of Mary, rosary, prayers to dead folks, etc).

Nowadays they want to (through ecumenism) join others in Catholic idolatry! In Poland they celebrate Day of Islam in Catholic Church from year 2001!

They want to create (according to Second Vatican Council) „One Holy Catholic Church” with Protestants (belonging to World Council of Churches) and (if possible) with Pentecostals and Charismatics. Some of them already meet and pray for ‚unity’ during invented by Vatican- Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Roman Catholics in Poland meet with followers of Judaism, Orthodox Church, Baptists, Methodist, Reformed, Lutherans and also some ecumenical pastors of Pentecostal and Charismatic movement. They want all of the churches in their denominations to join Rome and Pope!

3rd of May (every year) is a day of celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary,Queen of Poland. 50 years ago they made a vow to Queen of Heaven they want to repeat this year. The fragments of vows in 2016:

In the face of God in the Holy Trinity in intimate union with the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Father Francis, we, the Polish bishops, gathered at the foot of your Jasna Gora throne, surrounded by representatives of faithful Nation – clergy, consecrated persons and lay faithful, in communion with the whole Polish Diaspora – we offer today in your eternal, maternal slavery of love all God’s children of baptized Nation and all that Poland is for the freedom of the Church in our country and in the world, to the expansion of the Kingdom of Christ on earth.”

We give to you(Queen of Heaven)in bondage of love for the Church the entire country, our beloved homeland, the whole Polish people living in the country and beyond its borders. Since then, the best our Mother and Queen of Poland, watch over us,Poles as a nation for the total property of yours, as an instrument in thy hands to the Holy Church, to whom we owe the light of faith, the capacity of the cross, spiritual unity and the peace of God. Do unto us what you want. We want to do everything you ask

The whole month of May is devoted to Queen of Heaven. Roman Catholics pray over Protestants on rosaries, they pay for masses to convert them back to Rome! This is the time of spiritual warfare!

If you are from Poland or have Polish roots break any spiritual bondage they will try to put you in! During Millenium Act in 1966 they placed the text of vows in the container and keep it close to the painting of Black Madonna. Copy of it is kept in Vatican close to ‚tomb of Saint Peter’. This is black magic! This is caging witchcraft!

Over 40 million Polish people and those with polish roots will be entrusted to Queen of Poland, at 11 am!

Break any prayers of dedication, consecration to Queen of Poland, Queen of Heaven from you and your family/ bloodline. Break any ritual done against you, your family, friends and so on. Reject Queen of Heaven and surrender even more to Biblical Jesus Christ! Bind any demon released to you and against you!

Remove spiritually your name from any Catholic register or act. Pray for many Catholics to be saved that they can break the bondage to generational morbid idolatry and heresy of Catholicism!

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The new Anti-Terrorism Law in Poland 2016

Tvn24.pl provides the list of points of upcoming New Anti-Terrorism Act 2016 in Poland that is to be introduced on 1st of June, before NATO Summit in Warsaw and World Youth Day 2016.Here are some points:

  1. Anti-terrorism centre of Internal Security Agency in Poland will have easier access to all databases(local government, insurances etc).

  2. Operational control of foreigners

  3. If a person is suspected of terrorism she/he can be detained and searched round the clock.

  4. People who want to buy pre-paid telephone, must show the ID

  5. Detained person can be hold up for up to 14 days.

  6. Foreigners can face immediate expulsion from Poland, once they are thought to be a threat to national security

  7. Suspension of public events and public meetings. During NATO Summit there will be no chance for sudden spontaneous gatherings.

  8. Temporary closure of borders in the event of terrorism (or risk)

  9. Access to information covered by bank privacy.

  10. Internal Security Agency in Poland will be able to surveil foreigners for the space of 3 months(90 days) (telephone conversation,emails, phone wiretapping )

  11. 30 day-block of access to given website connected to terrorism.

  12. Possibility of a sniper shot to kill a terrorist.

  13. All churches, hotels, stadiums, restaurants under anti-terrorist protection plan. The lack of it can cost them 50,000 Polish zloty (about 11431 Euros!)

  14. Bureau of counter-terrorist operations will be present during World Youth Day in 2016.

The draft law on anti-terrorist operations(in Polish)

Projekt ustawy o działaniach antyterrorystycznych.

Censorship and monitoring of polish internet.

Poland is set to become some kind of version of Police State. Do they want to follow the example of the United States. So far Poland didn’t have any incident connected to Islamic terrorist. Poland didn’t have its own 9/11.

The polish press writes about the monitoring of about 200 people connected to ISIS by Polish Internal Security Agency(ABW). Poland  is also wary of mindless accepting of migrants. Yet New Polish Anti-Terrorism Act is to allow ABW to monitor and block any given website, without the need of applying for permission from court. This can invoke the picture of American NSA surveillance!

Russia can shoot down ANY plane over Poland

Russia new surface-to-air missile system called S-500 can shoot down any plane on the sky of Poland. According to wp.pl in the event of war with Russia, NATO will not be able to fly over eastern border. Neither Poland nor any Baltic country is able to counter these type of rockets.

Russia introduced S-500 „Prometheus” as an answer to American Ballistic Missile Defense. Russia works on another missile system called Iskander-M.