Censorship and monitoring of polish internet.

Poland is set to become some kind of version of Police State. Do they want to follow the example of the United States. So far Poland didn’t have any incident connected to Islamic terrorist. Poland didn’t have its own 9/11.

The polish press writes about the monitoring of about 200 people connected to ISIS by Polish Internal Security Agency(ABW). Poland  is also wary of mindless accepting of migrants. Yet New Polish Anti-Terrorism Act is to allow ABW to monitor and block any given website, without the need of applying for permission from court. This can invoke the picture of American NSA surveillance!

Russia can shoot down ANY plane over Poland

Russia new surface-to-air missile system called S-500 can shoot down any plane on the sky of Poland. According to wp.pl in the event of war with Russia, NATO will not be able to fly over eastern border. Neither Poland nor any Baltic country is able to counter these type of rockets.

Russia introduced S-500 „Prometheus” as an answer to American Ballistic Missile Defense. Russia works on another missile system called Iskander-M.