The new Anti-Terrorism Law in Poland 2016 provides the list of points of upcoming New Anti-Terrorism Act 2016 in Poland that is to be introduced on 1st of June, before NATO Summit in Warsaw and World Youth Day 2016.Here are some points:

  1. Anti-terrorism centre of Internal Security Agency in Poland will have easier access to all databases(local government, insurances etc).

  2. Operational control of foreigners

  3. If a person is suspected of terrorism she/he can be detained and searched round the clock.

  4. People who want to buy pre-paid telephone, must show the ID

  5. Detained person can be hold up for up to 14 days.

  6. Foreigners can face immediate expulsion from Poland, once they are thought to be a threat to national security

  7. Suspension of public events and public meetings. During NATO Summit there will be no chance for sudden spontaneous gatherings.

  8. Temporary closure of borders in the event of terrorism (or risk)

  9. Access to information covered by bank privacy.

  10. Internal Security Agency in Poland will be able to surveil foreigners for the space of 3 months(90 days) (telephone conversation,emails, phone wiretapping )

  11. 30 day-block of access to given website connected to terrorism.

  12. Possibility of a sniper shot to kill a terrorist.

  13. All churches, hotels, stadiums, restaurants under anti-terrorist protection plan. The lack of it can cost them 50,000 Polish zloty (about 11431 Euros!)

  14. Bureau of counter-terrorist operations will be present during World Youth Day in 2016.

The draft law on anti-terrorist operations(in Polish)

Projekt ustawy o działaniach antyterrorystycznych.